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WaterPuffs Reusable Water Balloons

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✅ Save Your Money – Our WaterPuff Balloons are REUSABLE
 Stay in the Action – Refill them in less than 2 seconds!
 Set Your Inner Child Free – The soft material allows for pain free water combat!

The New Water Balloon!

The world's first reusable water balloons! Fill up in less than 2 seconds and you're ready for war! Our soft magnetic design ensures water stays in until impact! It's time to have fun all summer with the WaterPuffs!


Water combat just got easier!

Traditional water balloons are a pain to fill up! From trying to get it over the hose, to tying it over your fingers. Ouch! Meet our WaterPuffs - the easiest, fastest way to have fun all summer long☀️

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