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Solabco LED Strips

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The Ultimate Upgrade!

Our Solabco LED light strips are the PERFECT addition to your room! Control these lights with one of 3 methods: Through our app using your phone, our 44 Key remote (With DIY presets), or with the basic RGB remote. All of our light strips are fully customizable and can be cut & adjusted to your desired length, so that you can get the perfect fit to any part of your home!


Ultimate Bluetooth LEDs

Connect using our Bluetooth app for Android or Apple phones

  • Sound activated mode
  • Each LED can be a different color simultaneously!
  • Millions of custom colors
  • Adjust the speed of your patterns
  • Change the brightness of your patterns
  • Set a timer for the LEDs to turn off
  • Or just use one static color like our other LEDs.


Pro LEDs

  • DIY Arrows for customizable colors
  • 6 DIY pre-sets
  • Rainbow fade mode with speed control
  • Flash mode with speed control
  • Brightness adjusting controls
  • Millions of static colors

Basic RGB LEDs

Transform your room into a room full of color with Fancy LEDs room lights! These are the lower-cost version of LED lights. They use 3 LEDs, red, green and blue respectively to create colors


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